Kid's Lemonade Stand Shutdown Over Permits

posted by Pat McMahon - 

Seriously? We're shutting down a kid's lemonade stand? SMH... 

A Capital District state senator is working to change state law after the Health Department shut down a 7-year-old boy's lemonade stand in Saratoga County. Health Department officials say permits are required to operate lemonade stands but they don't usually enforce the policy that closed down Brendan Mulvaney's stand.  State Senator Jim Tedisco is proposing a bill that would exempt children from permits if they operate pop-up lemonade stands under adult supervision.  in a statement, Tedisco said the regulation is what's wrong with New York State. Tedisco is also asking the Health Department to waive the permit fee for Brendan, and to reimburse him for lost wages.

More on this story from WROC below...


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