No More Snow Days? School Using Tech to End Them

No more snow days? Not for a South Carolina school. 

Anderson School District 5 are gong to be the first district to use eLearning to stop snow days from happening. Teacher's will be able to assign things to kids while they are at home via Chromebooks they provide the kids that can be used without the internet. 

Pros? No makeup days and a definite school calendar.

Cons? NO SNOW DAYS! These were my favorite growing up. THere was nothing better too than having an assignment due... only to have a snow day! It gave me even more time to procrastinate LOL! 

IT's also good family time. I realize parents scrambling to stay home from work for their young kids' snow day is hard, but it's nice to have everyone home unexpectedly. 

What do you think about this? 

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