Top 5 Incentives That Attract Employees

GOOD NEWS! Experts predict that more employers plan to hire new workers in the second half of the year. So whether you need a job or want a new one, there will be opportunities. This is all according to Career Builder

The jobs that will be most be in demand are Customer Service positions, which probably isn't surprising. CLICK HERE for the other industries hiring.  

What attracts us to new jobs though? The grass isn't always greener, but it doesn't always take a lot to make employees happy. 

Money is always one of, if not the, biggest factors. Beyond that though, the top 5 incentives that attract new employees are pretty straight forward and easy to give, IMO. Here they are:

1. Casual Dress Code

2. Employee Discounts

3. Ability to work remotely  

4. Extra paid time off

5. Signing bonus

Now, #3 and #5 might not happen. Some jobs are able to let you work from home, some aren't. The signing bonus thing would be great but I wouldn't hold my breath. The other 3 though are perfectly reasonable. 

Unless you are literally meeting customers face to face or are the boss, a casual dress code is fine. It's less costly to employees and more comfortable. There should be a standard, like don't look like a slob, but business casual is acceptable today and makes people much happier. 

Employee discounts should just happen, when applicable. Rules for who gets them and how often should exist, but giving your people a discount for using your stuff is common sense. I never understood a restaurant that didn't give a big discount for their employees (only) to eat there. 

I believe every full time employee should have a minimum of 4 weeks vacation. Life is short and shouldn't be spent at the office. 4 weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of things, and will make people so much happier, and thus more productive. If it doesn't have that result, fire them!

That's my take. What's yours? @onairpat on Twitter and Instagram

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