Top 5 Signs Your Partner is Cheating

California based private investigator Tom Martin gave a list of the the most common signs a partner is cheating. 

He says if they exhibit one or two it’s not necessarily a problem, but three or four you may want to start worrying.

Now, keep in mind, that still doesn't mean they are cheating on you. Some of these probably will seem like no-brainers too, but in case you're looking for some help and don't want to hire a private eye, here are the TOP 5 on Martin's list

1. Changing Habits

2. Leaving the house early and returning late

3. Business trips 

4. Excessive Overtime

5. Unexplained or hidden credit card bills. 

Some of these, to me, are very explainable. It depends on the person and what they do for a living. Secret credit cards or weird spending though is a good one to look out for though. 

Get the full list here: NY Post

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