It's Not The Screen Time, It's The Food

The American Heart Association released new recommendations for kids' screen time. Kids between the ages of eight and 18 currently spend, on average, more than seven hours a day looking at screens. The AHA says screen time should be limited to just two hours a day for most kids, and one hour a day for those between two and five years old. While digital tech isn't all bad (some is educational), the AHA is worries about developing sedentary lifestyles resulting in even more obesity. They suggest parents encourage their kids to go out and play outside more often, and make media free zones and times in the home. For example, no devices at dinner or in the bedroom.

Pat's Take: I think screen time is bad. You need to pick your head up and see the world, and talk to the people actually in it, more often than we do now. I'm guilty of it too. Screens are not why we have an obesity issue though. Food is. 

Take it from a living example: me. I am athletic. I play sports. I (legit) work out 3-5 times a week. I have my entire life. When I was a kid and there were no cell phones, my friends and I played outside ALL DAY ALL SUMMER. We played a ton of football and other sports. I was ALWAYS active and outside. Yet, I was still a fat kid. Why? Food. It was and always has been a problem with food. 

I like eating. A lot. No literally... I like eating a lot of food in one sitting. I like the bad carbs, and have a lot of trouble controlling my intake of them. 

I am living proof you can not out run your mouth. 

While being active is certainly important, it's not the reason we're obese. I know plenty of people who spend all day on screens ,sitting on their butts, never being super physical, but they are skinny and healthy. 

It's about the food, and no one wants to accept that (including yours truly). 

Parents, I know the struggle with your kids. You're busy, exhausted, and they are difficult LOL. You should encourage them to get outside and moving, for sure. However, if obesity is your concern, you need to examine their diet. 

Those are my thoughts. What are yours? @onairpat on twitter and instagram

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