Parents Are Exhausted; Doing Crazy Things

Parents, we are exhausted. That's according to SWNS Digital who did a survey about not only that, but what hilarious mishaps parents have had. 

Parents spend about 33 hours a week on parenting-related tasks, like getting the kids to school, making meals, etc. The average parent winds up getting only about 55 minutes of time to themselves every week, and when they do get free time, they only spend about 31% of it relaxed.

That's only about 17 MINUTES A WEEK! Wow! 

In the study, parents shared the craziest things they’ve done while exhausted, and also the strangest places they’ve hidden to get away from their kids. 

Here are the top 3 craziest things they've done:

1. Tried to wash clothes in the toilet

2. Poured baby formula in their coffee

3. Texted their boss thinking it was their partner's number. 

As far as where the hide from their kids, the top 3 places are:

1. Reclined in the truck’s driver’s seat

2. On the roof

3. Under the sink

Sad, LOL. But also relatable! Every parent needs to some time to themselves to, if nothing else, center themselves. 

How much free time do you get? What do you do to get it? What's the craziuest thing you've done while exhausted? @onairpat on twitter and Instagram

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