NYS Thruway Offering Air-Conditioned Dog Houses

Ten of New York State’s Thruway Rest Stops now have air-conditioned dog houses. They’ll keep your dog cool while you take a break inside. Called "DogSpot", they're currently available to rent for 30 cents per minute. Each house features a glass door and a puppy cam that you can view on your smartphone. The dog houses are equipped with air conditioning and also heat in the winter. They are equipped with auto-sanitizing UV lights to kill bacteria between uses, and will be cleaned daily. How cool is that?? Read more here: LoHud.com

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A San Diego couple can thank some city workers for miraculously finding a $30,000 wedding ring that was accidentally tossed in the trash. Environmental Services Department workers used GPS tracking to determine the truck that had been in the couple’s neighborhood and where it dropped off it’s trash. The couple went out to look at the site, but it was the city workers who came through in the end, quickly locating the diamond ring. They found it, believe it or not, in 14 minutes. Read the full story here: FOX 5 - San Diego

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