Top Things Wedding Guests Actually Care About

Forget the favors, apparently. 

A survey from American Express, as reported by Harper's Bazaar, had people rank the parts of a wedding they find least and most enjoyable. 

It turns out, it’s not the fancy centerpieces or the pricey band playing at the reception, it’s the things that cost nothing at all, like how well they know the people there.

Here are the top 3 things wedding guests actually care about:

1. Knowing other guests – 44%

2. Good weather – 42%

3. How well they know the bride/groom – 41%

What they don't care about? Overwhelmingly it was the favors, at only 5%. So, maybe, couples should not worry so much about them moving forward. 

Get the full list and story here: Harper's Bazaar

Picture from Getty Images

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