6 Year Old Orders $350 of Toys from Amazon

We've heard lots of stories of kids ordering things off of amazon without them knowing... that is until the package arrives. However, this little girl in Utah tops the list as she managed to load up her mom’s Amazon cart with $350 worth of toys, place the order, and have it all delivered before her mom and dad had a clue.

Caitlin is six-years-old who and was allowed to order a Barbie doll from Amazon for her birthday. She asked her parents if she could go back online to find out when her present would arrive. That’s when she treated herself to dozens of toys, video games, and more. Her mom and dad had no idea what she’d done until the delivery driver showed up and started unloading boxes.

Ria Diyaolu, Caitlin’s older cousin, shared the story on Twitter, along with a photo of “how everyone found out.” (Below)

When her mom checked her Amazon account, she found three pages worth of items ordered by Caitlin, with a grand total of $350 spent. 

I don't know if you should be mad or impressed LOL. 

More on the story here: PopSugar

Picture from Getty Images

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