Politician Slams Plus Size Model

Scott Walker, who is a Republican Delaware congressional candidate, took to Facebook to shame a plus sized model. In the video he says he is protesting this. "very, very obese," model. He claims the photo is discrimination against women because it make sit OK for them to live unhealthy lifestyles.

Walker is defending himself, saying obesity is a serious health issue. 

More on this story here: BradfordEra.com

Here's the video in question...


Pat's take: So rail thin models promote healthy women? Last time I checked that's a big no. What an idiotic thing to go after. 

I also don't see her as "very, very obese." I see her as normal, average, typical in build. This doesn't promote obesity, it promotes a clothing line that fits people who aren't built like a classic model, which is pretty much everyone. 

Some people hit the genetic lotto. Some don't. Being thin doesn't make you a good person and doesn't mean you're healthy.  

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