Richard Gere in Syracuse - Good Stuff for 9-24-18

Actor and North Syracuse High School grad Richard Gere was in town this weekend for breakfast with his dad! They stopped at Julie's Diner on Route 11. He was with his pregnant wife, Alejandra Silva, his father, Homer, and another woman. His dad still lives right here in North Syracuse. More here:

The Ithaca Police Department made a young boy’s dream come true! 11-year-old Aiden McCallum is fighting cancer, and would like to fight crime someday. So,  they made him their police chief for the day! More on this story here: 

Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Donated $30M To Seattle Charities. The money will help low-income families and house the homeless. More here:

A College Football Player’s Lemonade Stand Raised Nearly $50K For ALS! Ole Miss punter Mac Brown decided to raise money for a friend’s father who has been diagnosed with the illness. The fundraiser has grown into the annual Awesome Lemonade Stands for HOPE. More on this story below and here:

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