Coffin Challenge Comes to Upstate

The coffin challenge, which started at Six Flags in St. Louis, is now happening at Darien Lake.

It begins on October 13th. If you take the challenge, you'll be in a coffin for 30 straight hours (minus bathroom breaks). If you succeed you could win $300, Gold Season Passes, and Express Haunted House Passes. 

Darien Lake does Fright Fest every year for Halloween. They are becoming a Six Flags, so they basically took the idea... makes sense. 

Whiel you;re in the coffin, actors will come by to scare you. The coffin is also described as "slightly used."

Would you do this? Seems like not big enough of a prize to me, but hey if you're into it go for it!

More information here: also

Picture from Getty Images

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