Coffin Challenge Comes to Upstate

posted by Pat McMahon - 

The coffin challenge, which started at Six Flags in St. Louis, is now happening at Darien Lake.

It begins on October 13th. If you take the challenge, you'll be in a coffin for 30 straight hours (minus bathroom breaks). If you succeed you could win $300, Gold Season Passes, and Express Haunted House Passes. 

Darien Lake does Fright Fest every year for Halloween. They are becoming a Six Flags, so they basically took the idea... makes sense. 

Whiel you;re in the coffin, actors will come by to scare you. The coffin is also described as "slightly used."

Would you do this? Seems like not big enough of a prize to me, but hey if you're into it go for it!

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