If All Men Had a 9pm Curfew...

As a guy, this was very eye opening to me. Not because I'm completely blind to the challenges women can face in comparison to me, but rather the responses and how many of them there are.

A woman on twitter posed this question: 

Now I ask to please put politics aside and consider the question and not the hashtags (necessarily). 

When I saw the question I instantly wanted to see the responses. They are... blunt, eye opening, and a cause for concern. Here's some of them... 

Talking to the women in my life, I suddenly realized that these women are not extreme examples.

Even here, a city and area that would never seem as dangerous as a major one, safety is a huge concern for women.  

I knew this, but didn't. I didn't understand the scope of it. It makes me sad to know that a woman has passed me in the night before with caution. She never had anything to fear, but she does this with every single man that passes her, regardless of her life experiences. I had no idea it was ALWAYS like that for many, if not most, women.  

This absolutely got my attention. Obviously, not every man is bad and/or dangerous. I think the point was to make guys feel unconformable, because that's how women feel. Mission accomplished. 

Aside from obviously being respectful, considerate, and not assaulting women (duh), one thing we, as men, can do to help is knock it off with the boys will be boys stuff, and call each other out on it. That's probably a good start. 

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