Combatting Flu Season: Best Ways To Protect Yourself And Your Family

Flu season is just getting started- and folks are already lining up across the country to get their annual flu shot. Getting your annual flu shot is one of many ways to prevent this year's strain from taking its toll on you and your family- and there are many other ways to care for yourself in the event that you do end up getting sick, even if it's just a cold.

-Get some rest

Don't fight the feeling- if you're feeling fatigued and under the weather, take a nap.

-Breathe in some steam

Hot showers and baths help tremendously with congestion and sinus issues- and even something as simple as oil diffusers can do wonders for your aching sinuses.

-Stay hydrated

Your body loses a lot of fluids while you're sick- and staying hydrated helps your body fight off infections every day.

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Photo: Getty Images

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