Wizarding Weekend, Halloween Bash - The Good Stuff

Thanks to everyone for coming out to Y94’s Halloween bash at Sharkey's last Friday! I met an amazing woman there named Marleah. She had terminal brain cancer 9 years ago, but was at the bash, living life, and having a great time! Marleah is a rare survivor of the cancer, and is truly an inspiration. See all the pcitures from out Halloween bash, CLICK HERE or on the pic below!

Pictures Y94's Halloween Bash CLICK HERE!

Ithaca’s Wizarding Weekend happened despite rainy weather and a cease and desist letter from Warner Bros, who own Harry Potter. Thousands celebrated Halloween in downtown Ithaca with family-friendly magic, street performances, games, contests and STEM activities. More here: Ithaca Journal

(24/7 NewsSource) The youth soccer team that was rescued from a cave in Thailand earlier this year got to meet some of their sports heroes. Thet paid a visit to the U.K. to spend time with members of Manchester United.  The 12 boys and their coach watched them win an English Premier League match. They were trapped in the cave for nine-days that involved a harrowing rescue. 

(24/7 NewsSource) Give your furry feline friend some extra love today because it's National Cat Day.  The holiday was started to raise awareness to the number of homeless cats in the country.  Cats are the most common household pet, behind fish.  Owning one can reduce your risk of stroke and heart attack.  Go out and adopt a cat from your local shelter, and have a forever friend.


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