Santa Comes to Destiny USA Saturday!

Santa is arrives at Destiny USA tomorrow! He’ll debut tomorrow morning at Margaritaville and then move to the center atrium of the mall, handing out candy along the way.  Saint Nick will be available for photos and meetings with kids until Christmas Eve. Y94 is Syracuse’s Christmas music station… very soon :-) More here:

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The CNY SPCA is overwhelmed with support from the community after taking in over 100 cats from a hoarding situation. People from all over the area have donated supplies for the kitties. What thye need now is money,. As the cats need medication that could cost the SPCA over $20-thousand, so please donate and if you’re looking to add a family member, please adopt a cat from the CNY SPCA. MORE HERE: CNYCentral and below... 

It’s No-Shave November! It started off as a small family gesture to honor their father who died of colon cancer. It has now grown to a global event. It’s simple to participate: just don’t shave for the entire month of November. It's all part of raising awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health, and to make sure you get screened and tested. More here:

There’s now a Vending Machine that Dispenses Clean Clothes And Blankets For Free. The machine is in Muncie, Indiana, and was Installed outside a local fire department to serve the 200 or so people without permanent homes. Those who want to use it have to first register with the charity organization Bridges Community Services. Then they’re given free tokens to use at the vending machine to get what they need discreetly, no matter what time of day or night it is. More Here: Mental Floss

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