Thanksgiving: Many Attend More Than 1 Dinner

Thanksgiving’s About Family, Friends... and Stress

A New survey reveals our true feelings about Thanksgiving. 62% of younger Americans will plan more than one Thanksgiving meal, although only 38% of those 35 and older will indulge twice. Why? The reason for two holidays is likely because more and more people are celebrating Friendsgiving, which are super fun BTW!

53% of people say they are most thankful for family this season, while 21% say it’s health, 9% say friends and 7% say food.

For women, the top Thanksgiving stressor is preparing the meal (49%) while for men, family is causing them the most tension (47%)

And yes, we all love turkey on Thanksgiving but that’s far from everyone’s favorite food. In fact, the survey finds most people are actually looking forward to mashed potatoes (76%). Other favorite Thanksgiving foods include Pie (71%) (pumpkin being the favorite at 79%) Rolls (68%)Gravy (62%)Green beans (59%).

Personally, I'm a vegetarian, so turkey is never on our menu. Yes... I eat a tofurky. No, it doesn't taste like turkey but it is tasty. Actually the fake meat industry presents a lot of options now that are very tasty and affordable. Just in case you were curious. Wegmans, Tops and Price chopper all have several options, and if you have a pain in the butt vegetarian loved one and need advice, hit me up any time!

More on this study here: Meyocks

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