Experts: Spanking Should NEVER Be Done to Kids

The nation’s leading pediatricians’ group, the American Academy of Pediatrics, are strengthening their advice against spanking, and other physical punishment. They say it can result in kids having aggression, brain changes, substance abuse and suicidal behavior in adulthood.

The academy has been researching this for 20 years and say spanking is falling out of favor among parents, especially those with young children. While some parents still believe it can lead to short-term improvements in behavior, studies show spanking is no more effective than non-physical punishment, including timeouts, setting firm limits and establishing unwanted consequences.

Studies published in the past two decades have bolstered evidence that spanking can make young kids more aggressive and defiant.

Other studies have linked physical punishment in childhood with later brain changes in young adults including reduced gray matter and elevated levels of stress hormones. Suicidal behavior, substance abuse and anger are among other potential long-term consequences of spanking, studies have suggested.

The academy also warns against harsh verbal abuse including shaming kids, citing research linking it with depression and behavior problems in teens.

More on this study here: NY Post

I never spank my kid, but I do threaten him with taking things away. Same thing with shaming when he does something really bad. Generally we use the time out method. 

Looks like I have to adjust. 

Now, if you do or have done these things, does that mean you're a bad parent and your kids will end up with these problems? NO. Take these studies for what thy actually are: suggestions that are baser don actual facts. Which means it's probably a good idea to try what the study says. 

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