The Good Stuff 11-7-18

102 year old Samuel Bovanio has a message for all citizens: If he can vote, so can you. Sam has never missed voting in an election. The Syracuse native was eligible to vote for the first time in 1940 and hasn’t stopped voting since. He also says he has no plans on missing the next election. More below and here: CNY Central

BTW: A round of applause to everyone who voted! The voter turnout for the 2018 Midterm Election is near levels expected during a Presidential election, which is way higher than normal. Now... turnout was above 60%, which means around 40% of you didn’t vote for some reason… still, thank you for voting! 

In Rochester, voters have a tradition every election day where they visit the grave of Susan B. Anthony and place their I Voted stickers on her gravestone. It was 146 years ago she illegally voted in the presidential election, resulting in her arrest. Susan B. Anthony played a vital role in the women’s suffrage movement and committed her life social equality. More below and here: 13WHAM

(24/7 News Source)The next Congress will have a record number of women. At least 95 women across the country were sent to the House by voters, with some races yet to be decided. Eleven women won their bids for the Senate while nine states will have female governors. Forget chocolate and candy. 

This year Aldi is selling an Advent calendar filled with small bottles of wine!  It has 24 bottles and it runs about 70-bucks.  There's also one filled with cheese, in case you need another Advent calendar to pair it with. The calendars countdown the days in December until Christmas Eve. Check it out below! More here: Delish

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