The Good Stuff 11-8-18

(NewsRadio 570 WSYR) A partial bone marrow match has been found for the Manlius Police Sergeant who's been battling cancer. Ken Hatter's family says that a 9 out of 10 match has been found for Ken's bone marrow and transplant surgery is scheduled for November 20th. His donor is in the military. His family is also thanking the Central New York community for their support and their effort the various swab drives held for Ken. 

NewsRadio 570 WSYR

Early this week we told you about Pizza to the Polls, a group dedicated to feeding hungry voters stuck in long lines on Election Day. This year they raised over $376,000 and sent out more than 10,000 pizzas to polling stations across the country! Money that isn’t used on election night goes toward feeding hungry American voters in the future. More here: Marketwatch

The Society of American Florists recently surprised hundreds of unsuspecting strangers with bouquets of flowers with only one catch – they had to pay it forward.  The florists were given a mission to gift strangers with two bouquets – one to keep and one for them to give away to keep the kindness going. The campaign called “Petal It Forward” took place nationwide, with delivery girls and guys giving away flowers on the street, in offices, hospitals just anywhere they could spread the love. More here: MSN

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