Cut Your Thanksgiving Costs in Half

Hosting Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to sit down and enjoy time with loved ones over dinner and give thanks. But if you’re the one buying and cooking the turkey dinner all that food adds up fast. 

The Daily Meal released a list of ways to cut costs that could definitely help you out this holiday. 

There' s a bunch, but here are my person favorite ideas which I'v actually done:

1. Go generic - Brand names are great and I get it, but you can save A LOT and your guests will NEVER tell the difference. Well, expect for your mom LOL. 

2. Cheap wine is fine - There’s no reason to spend more than $10 a bottle. Actually most experts say there's really no difference to the average person between a cheap bottle and an expensive one. Unless you have a  genuine sommelier coming over don't worry about it. I love Chateau Ste Michelle. It's reasonably priced, found in most places around here, and excellent wine. 

3. Load up on the cheap stuff - Look people love the simple things. Mashed potatoes, rolls and stuffing, are way cheap and fill people up. Go heavy on those. 

How else can you save? Check out the full list here: The Daily Meal

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