Top 3 Mistakes People Make Driving in the Snow

It's the first real snow of the season in Syracuse, and that means snow brushes, slippery roads and salt. That of course means we all have to adjust how we do things on the roads. Unfortunately, not everyone seems to get this concept. Even people who have lived here their whole lives seem to forget that driving in snow and cold is different than they are used to. As a result t he first snow of the season tends to lead to wrecks and general levels of inconsiderate behavior. 

So, I made a list of the top 3 mistakes people make when driving in the snow. 

1. They don't brush their car off.

2. They Tailgate

3. They forget it takes longer to brake sometimes. 

Now most of us are good to go. But it only takes one to cause chaos out there. We talked baout it on the show today... 

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