WATCH: Van Morrison, Others Sing At Malibu Fire Benefit

It was a star-studded night, doing what stars seem to like more than even making money - being seen at a benefit for a good cause.  In this case, it's the Malibu Foundation, who is trying to help families who lost everything in the Woolsey Fire, that roared through communities like Malibu and others.  Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Gerard Butler lost their homes too, and they are among the organizers of this event. 

While I'm confident that the celebrities will have their "houses" in order, there are other less prominent residents who are facing some sad and hard days ahead, and this help will be greatly appreciated.  Joining in were Van Morrison, who you will hear, plus Jamie Foxx, Sean Penn, Cindy Crawford, Minnie Driver, Robin Thicke and The Edge from U2.  Morrison gets some help from Foxx and other guests, and there's a few other performances not included.  Who knows - maybe there will be a DVD released.



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