Cyber Monday: $3 Fair Tickets!

On this Cyber Monday you can get tickets to The Great New York State Fair for just $3. Unlike recent years there is no limit to the number of tickets being sold. Buy them on the Fair’s website, CLICK HERE

In general you’ll find online-exclusive deals on Cyber Monday, from fashion to electronics. With sales reaching over $2 billion, many online retailers will see a huge spike in profits – and shoppers will see their shopping budget go farther! 

Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and Target are all running huge sales to celebrate this day!Each year, new trends emerge as consumers change their online shopping habits. For example, purchases made on a smartphone or tablet exceeded 17% of total online sales this past year.

Fun fact: tablet users spent an average of $131.10 per order, while smartphone users spent $114.73.

Also, more than half of all online shopping on Cyber Monday happens in the workplace! Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss :-) 

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