Local Taco Bell Employee Saves Woman's Life

A local real estate agent was saved by a Cicero Taco Bell employee from choking to death.  Sarah Pelligrini was eating lunch in her car when she began choking. She pulled into the closest place she could for help: the Taco Bell on Brewerton Road. Melina Vice, a longtime employee, took immediate action as she had learned the Heimlich maneuver years ago, and saved the mother of an 8 year old. 

They reunited and CNY Central was there... 

Read more about this story here: CNY Central

Also, how many people know the Heimlich maneuver these days? I have to admit, while I get the principal, I haven't gone through any type for training for some time. This motivates me to get trained in first aid. I've always wanted to to but never made the time. i think maybe now it is. the more people who are trained the safer everyone will be. 

The Red Cross offers it, more HERE

Cover photo from Getty Images 

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