USPS Deadlines for Holiday Shipping

It's a bust time of year. In fact, it feels like it goes so much faster than almost any other time of the year, doesn't it? 

This stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas is filled with work deadlines, family events, and lots of general stress. 

Not to add to it, but so you know, the Unites States Postal Service has deadlines to ship packages if you want it to arrive by Christmas. They are: 

  • USPS Retail Ground - send by December 14
  • First Class Mail - send by December 20
  • Priority Mail - send by December 20
  • Priority Mail Express - Send by December 22

Now, the USPS reminds you these are estimates and do not guarantee anything. So  it might be a good  idea to get everything done before these dates so you don't have to worry.

Get more info, click here: USPS

Cover Photo from Getty Images

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