What Husbands Say Outside the Dressing Room

When husbands go shopping with their wives, they all tend to do and say the same things. 

I was clothes shopping with my wife this weekend because we have a Holiday Party for her work coming up. I try to be proactive and help her, but inevitably I end up waiting outside the dressing room with the other husbands. 

Here's my observations of what every husband says while waiting for their wife (or SO) in the dressing room.. 

  • "Where are the chairs?" in fairness, I wish stores would have more seating outside their dressing rooms. Not just for husbands but for kids. Still it shouldn't kill us to stand.  

  • One guy will absolutely say something like, "She takes forever." To which I would say if you have any knowledge of women's clothing (you don't) it's often more complicated then guys' clothing. 

  • Someone will definitely make a comment about how she is spending too much of "my" money which is ridiculous. I will say though: Women's clothing is disproportionately priced. Like a foot long piece of cloth someone costs $50. It makes NO sense and is totally not fair for ladies.  

  • A Eventually, when she comes out and asks for her guy's opinion on something she is trying out, he will give her the standard, "looks great babe." She will then return to the dressing room and he will say something like, “how should I know?” to the other guys.    

  • General conversation between the guys, aside from this, is sports and weather related. Or there's none at all. 

Honestly, us husbands might as well be dropped off at a daycare or a sporting goods store because sa good number of us are useless to take clothes shopping. 

Don't be that guy. 

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