WHOOPS: Upstate Paper's Embarrassing Headline

Spelling is important. We know this. 

It's especially important for a newspaper headline, as one word can change the meaning in an instant. 

That's what happened to this Jamestown, NY newspaper though. Check out the headline... 

It's supposed to read: "Julia Roberts Finds Life and Her ROLES Get Better With Age." 


It can happen though. Heck, we here at Y94 have absolutely had out fair share of misspellings. In fact, there's probably several in this article. Long story short, that's because we don't have editors, or really anyone, that looks over this stuff. There's just no time as many of us multitask all day long. 

It happens to us all. Cell phones are AWFUL to type on and people regularly have to go back and fix things after typing them. Auto-correct is the devil sometimes! 

BUT... this is a newspaper. That's kind of their job. Still, I feel for them. There almost certainly understaffed as most small media places are these days. 

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