Don't Buy These Things Before the Holidays

The Holidays are almost here and with that, there's LOTS of good deals going around. Stores are pricing things to sell fast, and we get to reap the rewards! 

However, there are something that aren't a very good deal this time of year that you should hold off on buying, if you can, until after the Holidays. 

PureWow put together a list of things to avoid buying before the holidays. They include:

- Holiday Lights

- Cruises

- Bedding

Believe it or not, bedding commonly costs up to 30% LESS after the holidays, which I thought was really interesting. Like of all things that would be more pricey, I wouldn't think of bedding. 

There are a few other things on the full list, which you get here: PureWow 

Cover photo via Getty Images

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