Types Of Parents On Christmas Morning

The magic of Christmas morning is unique for every family. Some households have magical setups waiting for their kids, and other houses look like Santa set up the presents after a few too many eggnogs. And if you’re a parent, you can probably relate to one of these Christmas morning types. (Read the full list here: PopSugar)

The Record-Every-Moment Parent - They have a camera in their kids’ faces from the moment they wake up until the last gift is unwrapped so they don’t miss a thing.

The Good-At-Faking-It Parent - If they didn’t like the sweater they unwrapped or the rock their son painted, you’ll never see it on their face.

The Present Master Parent - Some moms and dads pick the perfect gift for everyone on their list and they’ll never give up their secrets.

The Resourceful Parent - This is the one who saves every box, bow, and gift bag for next year’s presents, so not one single thing gets wasted.

The Have-At-It Parent - These folks sit back, let the kids do their thing, and just take it all in. There are so many rules in life, they don’t feel Christmas morning needs any.

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