West Genny Superintendent Accused of Having Affair

(NewsRadio 570 WSYR Reporting) Drama in the West Genesee School District as their Superintendent allegedly is having an affair with a district employee. That’s according to the wife of Superintendent Chris Brown. Brown says he is divorcing his wife, but is denying the affair. Here's his statement: 

"My wife and I are becoming separated and divorcing. That will come as a shock to some of you, and not a shock at all to others. It is what it is, and that is between my wife and I to work through in the months ahead. Unfortunately, news of this made it to social media in a variety of formats, and now our very private personal life is now very public. I begrudge no one. Splitting up is not easy, and causes a wide range of emotions and actions. There was/is a lot out there and what I want to be very clear about is that I do NOT and did NOT have a romantic relationship with ANY other employee. I treat all employees equally and always have. That will continue."

The School Board says they are aware of the comments and will be looking into it. 


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