Monday Morning Pep Talk 1-7-19

It's week 2 of 2019. How's that resolution going?

If you crushing it, awesome! Keep it going! If you're slipping don't beat yourself up, it's a journey. If you haven't started yet, remember that these things are a slow process, and you are never too late to start. 

One word can give perspective to all 3 types of people that I am describing above, and that word is: 


It's a four letter word for me. Time is my most valuable asset. Life is short, and I want to experience as much as possible. So to say that I am impatient is being kind LOL.

But everything in my life that has truly been great has almost always been a result of patience. 

Every Monday morning I'm going to bring you all some motivation... a pep talk... so that we can get through the work week together. Today we discussed patience, which you can listen to right now, FREE, no patience required, below and on our iHeartRadio App. 

(Cover photo via Getty Images)

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