We REALLY Don't Like Talking About Our Finances!

According to SWNS Digital, we Americans really aren't keen about sharing stuff about our finances.  I get it - I am incredibly private about stuff like income, taxes, investments, and the like.  So how leery are we?  Here's some fun results from a survey on the subject:

  1. 16 percent of Americans would rather sit and watch a steamy sex scene with their parents than sit and tell them about their biggest financial mistake.
  2. 32% would rather go to the DMV than work on a financial plan. 
  3. 20% would rather spend an hour in jail than come up with a five-year financial plan. 
  4. 34% would rather spend an hour in traffic than go over their money issues with a financial advisor. 
  5. 26% would rather talk politics with somebody they disagree with than write a financial plan with a family member. 
  6. 47% would rather drink orange juice after brushing their teeth than reveal their biggest money secret to a friend. 
  7. 34% would rather post their most embarrassing photo of themselves on social media than post a screenshot of their account balances. 

Just in case you wondered, I wouldn't do most of these things.  But I might do 4, 5, and 6!

Photo - Getty Images

Financial woes - Getty Images

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