WATCH: Egg Beats Kylie Jenner for Most-Liked Instagram Photo

It's hard for me to comprehend 18 million people voting in favor of something.  It's in the neighborhood of a presidential election.  But social media's reach and influence has led to enormous followings of the famous including Kylie Jenner, whose claim to fame seems to be being related to faux celebrity Kim Kardashian.  Kylie has 18 million followers on Instagram, with an equal number of likes of the photo of her new baby Stormi.  But who thought Kylie would have to compete egg?

A simple post of a brown egg by a brand-new Instagram account, challenging the social media community to top Kylie's "like" total, resulted in 28-plus million likes, as well as the video below by Kylie, with what I suppose is her version of congratulating the egg on its success.  Personally, I like eggs WAY more than Kylie Jenner and think they are much more likable and popular.



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