People Who Shouldn't Be Anywhere Near A Kitchen

When it comes to classic food combinations, you can't beat the classics- peanut butter and jelly, mac n' cheese, marshmallows and cocoa, etc. Some folks, however, feel like they need to add some variety to their culinary palate... but their choices aren't ones you'd see at a restaurant any time soon. According to an AskReddit thread, here's some of the worst "food sins" people have seen:

  • "My wife will take a handful of raw macaroni and throw it in her mouth, and then pour in copious amounts of vinegar and chew it all together." - ObviouslyConnor.
  • "[A] guy my fiancé used to work with would wipe his chicken pieces with the lemon scented hand wipes from KFC thinking that they were meant for seasoning." - Platinum93
  • "My roommate puts apple sauce on anything. Tacos, fish, spaghetti, steak, burgers. He will literally put it into a bowl of applesauce." - draxlaugh
  • "We were staying at my moms friends house. She offered us cheerios and brings out apple juice and poured it in the bowl with the cereal." - Wackydetective
  • "I worked at a bottle recycling depot for a summer job and one of my coworkers would take old liquor bottles and pour the last bit into a flask all day so he had a nice cocktail at the end of his shift." - zacandyman
  • "My grandma used to love cheesy garlic bread dipped in chocolate pudding." - EssentialFiction

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