Signs Your Partner Isn't Ready For Marriage

Ever had that nightmare where you marry someone who you thought was your soulmate, but ended up turning into the worst person ever? For some people, that becomes an unfortunate reality- but there are ways to recognize warning signs before you agree to say "I do". A group of psychologists who work on the hit Lifetime show "Married At First Sight" gave some insight into some of the issues they've seen while screening contestants for the show:

They've always been the person who breaks up with their exes

People have their reasons for ending relationships. If they're the ones that are always calling it off- and they can only refer to their past splits in a negative light- then you may want to reconsider the relationship.

They always praise you as "perfect"

Surprisingly, if your partner never has anything bad to say about you, or can't offer any sort of constructive criticism, that might pose an issue as the relationship progresses. Those partners can't take it upon themselves to be honest about their feelings for you- and if they only see you as perfect, that doesn't promote healthy, positive change.

They have very few boundaries with their parents

Whether they're still living with mom and dad, or if they just tell their parents every detail of your relationship, it's not necessary for them to be involved as a third party. Even if they claim "my mom's my best friend" or something similar- parents tend to remember the smallest things for the longest time.

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