Dating App Let's Best Friend Choose Your Dates

Would you let your best friend choose your dates? A new, free, dating service called Ship does exactly that. 

It lets your best friends swipe on your behalf people they think you should be interested in. 

The “hook (your friends) up” app was started by the women’s website Betches with the idea of making the whole online dating thing less icky and more fun.

Ship lets users invite friends onto their “crew” and from there, everyone can swipe at their leisure, share potential matches, and discuss the matches their friends have made.

Betches co-founders say they hope to “bring social connection back to dating,” and while it’s still using a dating app, it’s better than sitting alone in bed swiping through possible matches because your besties are involved in the process. Having your friends get a say in your swipes could be good for you because they may spot a red flag you missed or see hidden gems you don’t. And it’ll give your BFF who loves playing matchmaker and your smug married friend who says you always date the wrong people a say in your love life. 

Would you trust YOUR Best friend to do this? 

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