We Spend 131 Days a Year Being Bored, Here's How to Stop That

A new survey claims the average adult experiences 131 days of boredom a year. The survey was done by OnePoll on behalf of Bowlero

The average American says that 36% of their average week is “not fun/boring/dreaded,” which translates to about 60.48 hours a week of bordem.

Why are we so bored? Entertainment costs are one of the biggest issues keeping people from having fun. The average American spends about $303 a month on fun activities, or about $3,500 a year.

Another reason we're bored is we're just tired of adulting. 60% of people say their life is too “grown up,” while 73% miss being a child, for things like being able to spend time with friends (50%), having less responsibilities (52%), and enjoying birthday parties (25%).

This morning I talked about how to fix this. Now, I can't fix the adulting part. Trust me, everyone misses the days of college and not having any real responsibilities... but that's the trap. See you're not living your life, you living to impress others and fill that void with crap.

I did a podcast about this which you can listen below...

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