Most Wholesome Secrets People Have Kept From Their Partners

Honesty is one of the most important parts in maintaining a great relationship, but sometimes a little white lie can make some of the more stressful parts a bit sweeter. A Reddit thread has been going viral for asking the question: what secrets do you keep from your S/O to prevent upsetting them? The results were surprisingly wholesome- here are some of the highlights.

"The first piece of jewellery I bought my wife was a necklace. We went on holiday and she lost it. I said I would replace it but it wasn’t the same, she was upset that she’d lost it for sentimental reasons. I emailed the hotel and of course they hadn’t found it. So I bought a replacement and told my wife they found it." - user YuccaYucca

"Occasionally I hide bananas then make them reappear when they are brown just so she will make Banana bread. 'Look! You bought these bananas and no one ate them so they're brown...I'm not about to waste these so why don't you make some banana bread or something.'" - user Richard-Hindquarters

"I feel really bad about how much money he spends on me (food, gifts, gas money) and he refuses to let me pay him back so sometimes I slip $5 and $10 bills into his wallet, pockets, and dresser drawers for him to "find". If he gives me his card to go into stores to buy something I use mine instead and don't tell him. He'd be really really sad if he found out because he loves taking care of me." - user Astyyria

"my SO’s first language isn’t english. he always says 'really much' instead of 'a lot.' i won’t tell him it’s incorrect, i love when he says 'i love you really much.'" - user glossingoverf******o

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