VIDEO: J-Law and Adele Party it Up in NYC - Hollywood Headlines 3-25-19

Jennifer Lawrence and Adele crashed a drag show in New York City Friday night -- and were the hit of the party. At one point, Jennifer jokingly tackled Adele during a drinking game. A lot of it was caught on camera...


Barbra Streisand caused a firestorm this weekend when she defended Michael Jackson, and some shocking comments about his accusers. She then clarified and apologized.


Hollywood Week began on American Idol as 98 singers made it out of the solo round and on to the group round. One of those groups, called Unexpected Vibe, includes a blind member named Shayy. They Sang a little Backstreet Boys (Below). The episode ended with contestant Nate Walker, who left in an ambulance. We’ll see how that played out tonight.



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