3 Ways to Overcome Haters at the Gym

A poll by Planet Fitness, which claims to be a judgment-free zone, finds that 45% of Americans say fear of being judged keeps them from the gym. 62% of people actually make an attempt to get in shape before they head to one, just for that reason. 

Sadly, 42% of people feel judged for their body type during their workout, with 16 million Americans saying they’ve been talked about behind their back while at the gym, with 11 million saying they’ve been pointed and laughed at and 10 million insulted to their face.

And being judged at the gym is such a worry for people, that 54% say they would find a way to work out in an area of their gym that was free of judgment, which is an increase of 7% since 2017.

Pat's Take: as an adult, I've never been made fun of at the gym. I've had people try to give me pointers that were ridiculous. I've also had people point out to me I'm doing something wrong (and I was). Never have I been made fun of though for my appearance, and I'm overweight. If they are talking behind my back I wouldn't know, because I have headphones on (I highly recommend doing that).

BUT I recognize that my experience is not everyone else's. Look, some people really suck. Everyone lives in their own bubble, including you. You can't let fear stop you. That's easy to say and hard to do, but doesn't make it any less true.

So, here are 3 Ways to Overcome Haters at the Gym:

  1. Have a workout buddy. It's an immediate support system and lets you hold each other accountable.
  2. Have a plan. Most of the people who get made fun aren't always being mocked for their appearance. It's because they, clearly, have no idea what they are doing and are on a machine looking ridiculous. Use the internet to find a program or get a personal trainer to start you off. It's a HUGE help.
  3. Accept that some people suck. Not all people, just a select few. They have their own issues and project them on people with bullying and name calling. For them to make fun of you means they are truly not mentally healthy, and you have that over them. Put on your headphones and drown them out.

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