10 Best (and Worst) Easter Candies Ranked

CandyStore.com has just come out with the results of their survey on the best and worst Easter candy

Topping the list of the best Easter candy is Cadbury Mini Eggs, with one respondent noting it’s “my favorite part of Easter”

The worst is Cadbury Crème Eggs, with one person saying, “It’s the goo inside. That [stuff] ain’t right”

Top Ten Best Easter Candies

  1. Cadbury Mini Eggs
  2. Chocolate Easter Bunny (hollow)
  3. Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs
  4. Lindt Chocolate Carrots
  5. Robins Eggs from Whoppers
  6. Kinder Joy Eggs Candy
  7. Jelly Beans (gourmet/naturally flavored)
  8. Foil-wrapped Chocolate Eggs
  9. Skittles-filled Easter Eggs
  10. Sour Patch Easter Bunnies 

Ten Worst Easter Candies

  1. Cadbury Crème Eggs
  2. Bunny Corn
  3. Peeps
  4. Chicks & Rabbits
  5. Solid Chocolate Bunnies
  6. Jelly Beans (generic)
  7. Chocolate Crosses
  8. Carrot Cake Hershey’s Kisses
  9. Jordan Almonds
  10. Fluffy Stuff Cotton Tails 

More here: CandyStore.com

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