Mom Admits She Has a Favorite Child, Internet Responds

It's an unwritten rule: you never admit to having a favorite child. And you don't... of course not.

But an unidentified woman took to the mommy forum Mumsnet to share that she prefers her younger son over her older one

She says she’s tried to form a better connection with her three-year-old, but prefers her 18-month-old, who she says she understands perfectly

She wondered if it was normal, and Internet reaction was mixed, with many sharing they feel the same way, while others thought it was scary.

Others felt the woman needed to seek help before things get worse. "I will say that no matter how hard you try to hide it your children will know as they get older,” a person shared. "I certainly did with my parents and it left me with a massive resentment towards them. Seeking help now would benefit both your children."

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More here: The Sun

Cover photo: Getty Images

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