Worst Dates People Have Actually Been On

A lot of the fear associated with dating comes from the very real possibility that the person you're interested in isn't who you thought they'd be. Unfortunately, for some folks, the dates they had to sit through were not at all what they signed up for. Twitter user Trill Jackson asked his followers what the worst date they've ever been on was- and the stories, as cringeworthy as they are, did not disappoint.

"[He] picked me up, drove around for 30 min cuz he couldn't decide where to go, finally chose Subway, WAITED IN THE CAR WHILE I WENT IN AND GOT A SUB FOR MYSELF, AND THEN DROVE ME TO A DESERTED PARKING LOT IN THE MIDDLE OF A RAVINE TO WATCH ME EAT" - @tali_hoe

Young male reading aloud from book at the beach

"In college a guy told me we should meet up for 'coffee at my favorite cafe!!' - it was Panera. After that he drove me home and locked the car doors so he could recite poetry he wrote about the challenger space shuttle" - @imlykurf

"Guy told me get dressed around 6 to take me out for a surprise & ended up taking me to a pyramid scheme meeting. The best part about this was at the end, he asked me 'Did you enjoy the date'" - @kitranada

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