The Lies We Tell Our Kids

All moms and dads are a little different, but there are some common threads in parenting. Spend any time on social media and you’ll discover that one of the universal parenting moves seems to be lying to your kids. There are all kinds of reasons for stretching the truth, but chances are you’ve told your kids one of these common lies before. To be honest, I didn't know some of these were lies!

Scary Mommy posted these...

  1. If you go outside with wet hair, you’ll catch a cold- Adults told us this as kids and many moms and dads are still telling it to their kids, even though it’s just not true.
  2. Watching too much TV will damage your eyesight- Why were grown-ups always trying to get us to move back from the TV as children? And why are we still trying to get our kids to do it today?
  3. Swallowing gum = Seven years of digestion- This lie is so ingrained with us, we still sort of believe it, even though we know it’s been debunked.
  4. Swimming after eating causes cramps- So many hours spent waiting for food to digest so we could hop back into the pool and for what? Nothing will happen if you swim after eating and the adults knew it, but made us wait anyway. And parents today are passing down the lie to their kids, but we’re still not sure why.

I tell my son all the time there's no broccoli in his's just green food LOL. He eats every time though.

What are some lies you've told your kids, or been told by your parents?

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