6 Life Skills To Know Before Going To College

Most parents want to do everything they can to make sure their child is prepared for going off to college, but sometimes in the hustle of getting through high school, graduating, and getting all the things they'll need just to be at college, we forget to teach our teens some basic life skills.

To be honest, most of us don't teach them because we weren't taught, either. That’s not a shot at our parents BTW. Some people like to say it's because this generation is terrible, entitled... pick a negative. I like to remind everyone that's not the case.

Parents today have different challenges then their parents did. Their parents had different challenges then our grandparents did, etc. While we might not know how to change a tire, we can fix that WiFi you’ve been swearing about for a week in 2 minutes. That’s a real skill.

However, learning some of these basic life skills are necessities. Whether we teach them to our kids our not, all of us should use the google, watch a youtube video, and learn how to do these things by the time we get to college (or now LOL).

  • How to do laundry - You’d be shocked how many kids have never done laundry before they go to college. Help your kid avoid that by having them start doing their own laundry a few months before they move out so they have it down when they go.
  • Basic sewing skills - No one’s expecting your college freshman to hem a skirt, but having the skills to sew a button back on and a basic sewing kit would be helpful.
  • Simple nutrition - Go over some nutrition basics, including that your meal should have some kind of protein, vegetable, and complex carb. The Freshman 15 is real, and it’s EASY to make BAD choices at the dining hall in college.
  • How to cook basic foods - Your teen can probably make a Pop-Tart, but they should also know how to make easy stuff. How to cook an egg, make pasta, grill/pan a protein are all things that will be SUPER helpful for them.
  • How to make — and stick with — a budget - NO ONE KNOWS THIS NOW. Me included. Teach them to keep track of their finances and not just use their card and forget what they spend. Have them keep an online log and get in the habit of checking statements online frequently to make sure everything is as it should be.
  • Basic first aid - Having a first aid kit isn’t helpful if they don’t know how to use it. Explain basics, like if they get a cut, to wash it with soap and water before putting on a Band-Aid, so it won’t get infected.

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