WATCH: Tiger Woods's Masters Moment

You do not have to be a golf fan to know who Tiger Woods is. Considered by many to be the best who has ever played the game, it would be an understatement to say he's had a run of bad luck. Between personal problems (most caused by him) and some painful injuries, he's been off his game for many years. I was sure at one point he was washed up. But his personal problems smoothed out and he's gotten surgical help for his injuries, so he's back in the hunt for big tournament wins. Nothing in professional golf is bigger than the Master's, which Tiger has won four times before - but not since 2005. His victory on Sunday was literally something for the ages. My wife hates golf (repeat, HATES), but was truly pleased to hear about Tiger's win. That's what this victory has meant for him and everyone who loves a great comeback story. You rock, dude.



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