WATCH: Flight Attendant Wins Over Passengers, Soothes Crying Baby

I think flight attendants are maybe the most underappreciated workers in the world. We expect them to always be able to handle whatever request we have, and to make sure everything on the flight goes the way we want. Usually that means nice and quiet. Babies on flights are almost guaranteed to cry, which can have an effect on passengers somewhere between mildly irritated and full-on rage. On this flight, the very wise flight attendant scoops up the crying baby during pre-flight, talking to the baby and introducing the child to passengers as she goes about her duties. She does it so easily and effortlessly, but you know that's only because this is what the work is all about. In the end, the flight is ready to leave, the baby is smiling instead of crying, and every passenger is likely to remember this flight attendant - at least until the flight is over.



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