$2 Million Raised For Churches In Louisiana - The Good Stuff 4-19

More than $2 million has now been raised to help with rebuilding 3 historically black churches in Louisiana, surpassing the goal of $1.8 million. A man burned them down and has been arrested. Donations have come from people in all 50 states as well as 40 different countries.

Syracuse is getting $3 million dollars from JPMorgan Chase to help Central New York's tech sector. Their “AdvancingCities” program aims to create greater economic opportunity in cities across the world. Syracuse is just one of only five cities selected. CNY Central

The Pink Moon will be out tonight! It may be a little tough to see with our weather forecast, but it’ll look larger because the moon is the closest it can be to the Earth. April's full moon is called the Pink Moon because it coincides with spring flowers.

Photo: Getty Images

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