Wegmans Introduces New App; Lets You Scan and Bag Groceries

Wegmans is testing a new app that lets you scan and bag your own groceries as you shop. The app, called Wegmans SCAN, is only available at the East Ave location in Rochester right now. However, if it goes well they could roll it out to all of their stores. Wegmans says it could make shopping a lot easier for you with faster checkouts, seeing how much your spending as you go, and get automatic discounts.

Now, on the downside, a lot of people have questions.

Like, will it cost people their jobs? Will this be hard to use? Will there still be checkout lines for those who don't use smartphones? All good questions. Comment on our Facebook page below with your thoughts. ALSO here's Wegmans' video for how it all works:


Cover photo: Wegmans.com


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